Would Michael Vick’s Return Hurt Philadelphia Eagles’ Offense?

Chip Kelly continues to leave the door open as far as the quarterback position of the Philadelphia Eagles is concerned. He makes no waiver in his commitment to keeping the opposing team guessing. Even after Nick Foles made NFL history, throwing seven touchdown passes, he is still not determined to be the hands down starter for the Eagles. Kelly has seemed to be in the corner of Michael Vick since the beginning, regardless of the fact that he held a quarterback competition during training camp. Vick possesses the best skillset of the group to run Kelly’s offense the way he sees fit. He can run the option the way it is meant to work, and keep defenses honest with his legs. But at this point, after developing some continuity as an offense again, would Vick really be the best answer?
If Vick, at some point, were to be ready to return from injury, chances are that Kelly would select him to retake his spot behind center in order to be able to run the offense the way it was developed. Although Foles has shown great ability to get all pieces of the puzzle involved, he cannot in any way keep a defense honest and run the option like Vick. However, does the completion percentage of Foles outweigh the deception and intrigue that Vick creates? Vick’s return to the team and field may move the Eagles back to the mundane and inconsistent performances that existed for weeks before his first injury. The offense had difficulty then producing in the red zone and moving the ball at times. If Foles continues to perform at the same pace, would it really make sense to replace him?